Well hello there… 👋🏽

Thanks for stumbling upon my page and taking the time to have a browse. No idea how you got here, but I suppose I should introduce myself!

I’m Priyesh – a husband, a father and, probably the reason you came across my page, an ex-developer turned Scrum Master. I’ve worked in agile teams for almost a decade, but been a Scrum Master for the last 2 of those years at both Sky and Sainsbury’s.

Whilst I’ve been in the role, I’ve often had times where I’ve been through something or helped with something that I thought might have been useful to share. This is always immediately followed by – “Pah! No one’s going to care what I’ve got to say!”. Guess you could say I’ve got a small dose of imposter syndrome.

Well, no more!

I’ve finally set up my own space to give me somewhere to brain dump anything that I think is worth sharing that I’ve discovered on my Scrum Master journey and if even 1 person finds it useful, I’ll consider that a huge win! I’m not here to take the agile world by storm. I’m just a normal guy, on a journey and hoping to share a few things along the way.

That’s enough from me…

So here’s a picture of me and my family.



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